In a place like Griffin, GA, where high summer temperatures are the norm, air conditioning is practically a lifeline. A cooling system that’s on the fritz can leave your home almost unbearable, so being proactive is essential. That’s why there’s nothing more important to keeping your AC system strong and efficient than regular maintenance. If it’s been a while since your last tune-up, here are three signs you should call in the pros.

Spring Is in the Air

Routine AC maintenance is extremely beneficial, but it won’t do much good if you wait until it’s too late. If you haven’t scheduled a maintenance visit in a while, spring is the best time to set one up. Scheduling HVAC services in the spring ensures that your system will be prepared to handle the broiling heat of summer. It’s also a less busy time for HVAC companies, so you’ll have more flexibility in choosing a convenient appointment time.

Staying Cool Is Becoming Costly

A few things start happening once you fall behind in maintaining your air conditioner. Your air filter becomes progressively more clogged, causing your system to expend up to 15 percent more energy. Your system’s mechanical components experience increasing wear and tear, further increasing waste. Eventually, you may find yourself facing extensive AC repairs. Avoid these risks by scheduling a maintenance visit whenever your cooling costs start climbing unexpectedly.

Your Airflow Is Suffering

If your AC isn’t producing as much air as it should, it’s not going to perform at its best. The end result is often slow, inefficient cooling and inconsistent temperatures throughout your home. This can end up affecting your comfort and costing you more money in utility bills. The good news is that most of the culprits behind poor airflow can be easily resolved with proper maintenance.

To make sure your heating and cooling systems are well-protected and operating efficiently, you need reliable HVAC services. Check out Meeks Heating & Air’s AC maintenance services or call 770-988-5644 today.

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