Some of the most interesting advancements in heating and cooling products have been made in the development of modern HVAC thermostats. While the thermostats of the past simply offered a way to set your HVAC system at a certain temperature, today’s thermostats offer a vast range of features that allow a homeowner to save money on utility bills and fine-tune the comfort levels of an entire home.

Programmable Thermostats

For those who would like some enhanced control but aren’t interested in too many bells and whistles, programmable thermostats offer a nice compromise. They allow you to cut as much as 10% from energy bills by raising or lowering the temperature during hours when a home is empty.

Learning Thermostats

Many homeowners like the temperature to vary throughout the day but don’t wish to program and reprogram the thermostat according to changing seasons and schedules. Learning thermostats build their own knowledge of when a home is occupied or empty and what temperatures are preferred in various seasons or times of the day. There is no programming; a user simply adjusts the temperature according to comfort for a week or so, and the thermostat takes it from there.

Internet-Connected Thermostats

Perhaps the most exciting new heating and cooling products are smart thermostats that not only have the ability to learn from previous settings but can also use Internet features to fine-tune comfort levels. They can, for example, use phone tracking to recognize that a homeowner has stayed home from work and automatically change from the normal, empty house temperature scheme. They can also send you scheduled reports on energy usage to allow an accurate account of savings over time.

Modern thermostats offer distinct advantages in both comfort and cost savings. To learn more about their benefits, check out Meeks Heating & Air online or call 770-988-5644.

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