Have your HVAC ducts sucked up too much of that fine McDonough, Georgia dust? Do you know how to tell? You may not give it much thought, but your ductwork is a magnet for dust, dirt, pollen and other particulates. Without occasional cleaning, it could be putting these things back in your air and compromising your indoor air quality. Here are three key signs it’s time to add duct cleaning to your regular HVAC services.

You’re Overrun by Dust

If you can’t keep up with the dust no matter how often you clean, it’s probably your ducts at fault. Dirty ductwork simply recirculates dust through the system, spreading it all around your home and making a real mess. Without professional duct cleaning to remove the dust and clean your system, there’s not much your feather duster can do.

You’re Experiencing Respiratory Issues

The occasional dry cough, scratchy throat, or sneezing spell is no cause for concern. If it occurs frequently or lasts an unusually long time, however, it may be an indicator of poor air quality. Dirty ductwork can expel all sorts of dust and other nasty particulates that can make you sick. A duct cleaning isn’t a substitute for a trip to the doctor, but it may help ease your respiratory irritation.

Your Energy Bills Are Spiking

If your heating and cooling costs have climbed without any obvious explanation, it’s very possible you’ve got dirty ducts. Dust, dirt, and other particulates in your ducts can quickly clog your air filter and seriously disrupt airflow. This causes your HVAC system to work extra hard, leading to higher utility costs and excessive wear and tear. Fans, motors, and other key components can also be affected, further robbing you of energy and impacting your comfort.

There’s no bad time for a duct cleaning, but the ideal time is in early spring or fall. That will ensure your system is clean, efficient, and ready to go through the peak heating and cooling seasons. If you’ve noticed any of the issues above, Meeks Heating & Air’s duct cleaning service is the solution you need.

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