In Griffin, Georgia, air conditioner issues should be nipped in the bud quickly. You don’t want a breakdown with our high heat and humidity. Annual maintenance can prevent the lion’s share of AC repairs, but keep a watchful eye on your system. If you notice any of these irregularities, schedule a service call at once:

Weird Noises

Noisy air conditioners are nothing new, but unusual noises are suspect. Rattling, hissing, banging, buzzing, screeching, popping, and thumping usually mean trouble. A part may be worn, loose, bent, or broken. There also may be issues with the electrical system. A skilled service technician can quickly diagnose the problem and provide reliable HVAC solutions.

Poor Airflow

If the air blowing from your vents is weak, there may be an obstruction. Clogged filters and dirty ductwork can reduce airflow and interfere with system performance. Damaged ducts or damage to the blower or fan can also impede airflow and undermine indoor comfort.

Puddles and Leaks

Puddles are usually caused by a blocked condensate drain line. When moisture cannot exit the system, it can back up into your air conditioner. There, it can freeze the cooling coils and overflow the condensate drain pan. Moisture can cause damage to your drywall and even create an electrical fire hazard. Leaking refrigerant can reduce the power of an air conditioner. Your system might have trouble reaching the thermostat setting because it can’t produce enough cool air.

Unpleasant Smells

If the condensate drain pan is overflowing, it can quickly develop microbial growth and emit a foul odor. Contaminants in ductwork can cause the air coming through the vents to smell musty. If there are electrical issues, you may smell something burning.

Do you need AC repairs? Turn off your system and call Meeks Heating & Air at (770) 988-5644. With us, you’ll get speedy emergency service and reliable HVAC solutions.

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